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Mulligans, 2008, Canada

By Graeme Coleman

While surfing through Netflix’s “Gay & Lesbian” movie section, I found myself come to a halt on this movie for two reasons: 1) the men on the cover are gorgeous, and 2) the obvious question, what the hell are Mulligans? Well, the film doesn’t keep you guessing. Right off the bat, it states that a “mulligan, in golf, happens when a player gets a second chance to perform a certain move or action.”

Anyone who has gotten this far into the movie, and has read the blurb or seen the trailer, instantly knows that this movie is about a man who finds himself second-guessing his life decisions, and wonders if it is too late to come to terms with himself. What makes this plot so interesting is that this man, named Nathan (Dan Payne), has this sudden inner struggle when his son, Tyler (Derek Baynham), brings his best friend from college, Chase (Charlie David), to spend the Summer with their family. The fact that Chase and Nathan are both interested in each other is no secret to the story, so you are instantly left wondering how this awkward situation is going to play out.

Tyler is one of the most obnoxious and annoying characters I have ever witnessed. I almost don’t want to discuss him, that’s how much I dislike him – but I think it’s only fair to warn you of his over-the-top sleaziness and horrible acting. Chase and Nathan are the only two rational, like-able characters in the movie, so you spend a lot of time uncomfortably wanting them to be together, and wondering how the hell it’s going to work. The fact that Nathan’s wife, Stacey (Thea Gill), is so over-dramatic about everything, makes it hard for you to sympathize for her.

You can never really tell if the acting is that bad or if it’s just a really awkward moment – but I think it’s constantly a mix of both. Also, the soundtrack sounds like it was taken from the original 90210 series (which completely throws you off). But overall, the message of the story is extremely moving. There are so many people out there who live a lie because they are afraid to come to terms with their sexuality. So, essentially, you are left realizing that what happens in this movie can happen to many people out there. This fact alone makes this movie good, but with a bigger budget and better actors, it could have been phenomenal. Although, after doing a bit of research, I grew a lot of respect for the movie and it’s cast.

Charlie David, who plays Chase, actually wrote Mulligans. He’s been a host for many networks, some as big as E! Television, NBC, and most significantly (in this case), OutTV. In 2005 Out Magazine even recognized him in the ‘Out 100’. After digging around a bit more, I found out that he had something in common with all of his cast mates. All four of them are Canadian (Derek Baynham is even from Winnipeg!), and three of them made appearances on LGBT shows. Charlie David starred on LGBT horror series, Dante’s Cove. Thea Gill starred on Queer as Folk and also had a spot on Dante’s Cove. Lastly, Dan Payne appeared on The L Word.

I wouldn’t only recommend Mulligans to anyone who is part of, or interested in, the LGBT community, I would recommend this movie to everyone. It’s an eye-opener to a problem that tons of people struggle with in our society – people who you might even know.

3/5 stars